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Faith’s interlude

As usual with all my posts everything thing is written all at once. Please ignore any spelling or horrendous grammar errors.

I am still working on a post that is about faith. Faith is such a unique thing that I wish to have my words worded just so as not to offend everyone who reads it. My hope is that post is to promote the importance of reason over faith. While I work on the specifics of that post I am drawn to another minor (not really) issue.

In my state we have a vote in early May on whether or not the state should pass a ‘marriage amendment’. To let everyone know here my views: Vote Against Amendment One.

Now on to my objections. The proponents of the numerous “preserve the sanctity of marriage” often site the bible as their reasons for keeping marriage between a man and a woman. To me, this naive and stupid argument did not understand what the bible really meant by marriage. When the bible talks about marriage it is noted that the woman is yoked to the man. The man ought to be faithful to his wife but it is the wife that is treated as property of the man as a result of the marriage.

I’m not sure why we humans are constantly looking toward the bible for answers. The bible appeals to the fearful, confused, and mostly illiterate people at the dawn of human understanding. The bible attempted to answer questions that modern science and a broader understanding of the world have already answered. Consulting with a book full of contradictions and not a single mention of human rights is no way to make a decision.

We are lucky to have been born in the twenty-first century. Let’s stop going back to ancient times to seek advice from a book that claims rainbows are caused by God’s love of men (hmmm maybe on second thought that seems enough for me to vote against Amendment One).


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