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I have this friend..

When I was a kid I had a friend. We would talk all the time. I would share the details of my day with this friend. He was for the most part a silent fella. He was a very good listener and was always willing to let me talk and talk about whatever it was I wanted. My friend’s name was John. John was a great listener, as I’ve said, and he really encouraged me to be better person. However confident I was in what John was thinking or feeling I would never claim to say things in his place. I would never assume that I knew what was going on in John’s mind. I’m sure that he had opinions on various issues and topics but again I never spoke with my voice on John’s authority. Even if I did, I would never use his name to hurt and make others feel bad. Ready for the twist? John was my imaginary friend.

I find many similarities between a person’s relationship with his or her imaginary friends and their relationship with god. First, you do all the talking. Imaginary friends and god seem to be very good listeners. Unless, you live thousands of years ago when people actually talked to god. In many cases there is nothing wrong with an imaginary friend who will listen to you. Mainly because if you talk to that deity I don’t have to hear about your shitty problems. The problem with imaginary friends becomes serious when people actually think they hear their friend talking back to them. Joseph Kony, Abraham, and countless others have all claimed to hear the voice of their imaginary friends telling them to do something. The second similarity I see with imaginary friends and god is that the friend or deity is always on that person’s side. Rarely do I see a religious person who has a hate relationship with there imaginary friend. (this does happen but we for whatever reason feel confident enough to call that person crazy and move on.) It seems strange that the same imaginary friend billions of people have is able to support and hate all the things they themselves want.

Lastly, I would like to mention how these people with their imaginary friends seem to speak for their nonexistent friend. Everyday we hear that “God hates fags”, “It’s god’s will”, etc the list goes on and on. It is a shame that there is no god to straighten these people. I truly think that god would be more displeased with all the people that claimed to speak on his behalf than those who doubted his existence because no evidence is available for belief.

This ends this post and soon I’ll be posting on what I call the follies of faith. As usual ignore bad grammar and poorly arranged thoughts.


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Excited for…

Game of Thrones is a great show on HBO based on an even better series of books. Season 2 begins on April 1st and the first season is out on Blu-Ray and DVD.

The following are a couple of things from the second book which will be the bulk of the second season. Spoilers will follow. This is your fair warning. Also fair warning about spelling, I don’t have the books in front of me.

1. Dragonstone and the table of Westeros.
2. Harrenhal and it’s massive size.
3. Renley’s death by the shadow.
4. Grey Wind!
5. Tyrnion as hand.
6. The battle of Blackwater.

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

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Kony Island?

I had this opinion before the news came (no pun intended) about Jason Russell and his public masturbation/clearly on drugs or alcohol freak out. With that being said let me start. Ummm let me start by saying it’s clear that the Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony are clearly using god and religion to promote his twisted views. Kony claims to be a spiritual medium for the holy spirit and wants to head a government with the 10 Commandments as its core foundation. Two terrible things in my meaningless opinion.

Aside: now I’m sure the, “but Kony isn’t really a Christian. He’s warped things and he shouldn’t be judged by atheist and religion haters like you Josh.” Told you, I knew you were gonna say that. Now my answer: Religion is a wicked thing that allows such detestable behavior to occur. Joseph Kony would not have established a Lord’s Resistance Army if it wasn’t for religion. To end this aside I’ll end with a nice quote from Stephen Weinberg: “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Religion gave Kony a forum for his violence and a dysfunctional African continent didn’t help either.

Now back to the #Kony2012 movement and the outcry of Americans with social media accounts sharing. There has been a bit of backlash toward people sharing this video. I don’t see why it’s a bad thing to share what is going on globally. There is nothing wrong with knowing more about the world around you.

Anyways I just had to say that. People need to know about global issues and conflicts. The people who condemn you for not being able to do anything about it can shut the fuck up.


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My elbow hurts…

Or random thoughts that pop into my mind….

This post is more to get some things that have been rattling around in my head over the past couple of days. There is no structure here, only random musings. And as with anything I put on this blog, I don’t double check for grammar. So deal with it.

First, I read an article, well skimmed it, it was rather lengthy about some of the issues swirling around in Afganistan. Toward the end of February there was a big Koran burning controversy and those people went fucking nuts! I mean seriously they went Gwen Stafini (spelling?) b-a-n-a-n-a-s! They were rioting and going berserk. This makes sense to me. Americans wouldn’t take to kindly to an occupied force burning their religious text. (to offend me the occupying force would have to burn some Vonnegut, or Hitchens) So what happens after the rioting? The blowback as the media termed it. Obama apologized. And stuff kinda went back to normal. As much as normal can be in that shitty place thousands of miles away. Move forward the calendar to this week. A US solider who we now know had been drinking goes on a shooting rampage. I think the total number of people killed was 16 (not sure, don’t quote me) What was the blowback this time? Not that much. To the point that I’d call it a whimperback. There were very few riots or protests. I’m going to use capital letters to demonstrate the absurdity of this. WHEN MUSLIMS LEARNED THAT THERE HOLY BOOKS WERE BURNED THEY FLIPPED SHIP. WHEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE WERE KILLED THERE WAS VERY LITTLE OUTRAGE. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?

Second, I’m glad to have community back on the air. I was really worried for a few months there that it had gone the way of Arrested Development. It still may, but here’s to Six Seasons and a Movie!

Third, I really like this quote:
“Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings.”

Fourth, I’m looking forward to meeting with my camp staff and talking camp next week. That’s the term I use, “talking camp”.

Fifth, ehh. I don’t have anything else. This has been a blog.

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Religion can be a tough subject. I’m still searching for humor, so let’s talk race? There’s plenty of humor there…

Bad things have happened to the African American’s in this county. There is no denying this fact. Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow, and this list goes on. But I’m not here to talk about the white man’s guilt for any of these things. I’m here to talk about black history month. PS I’m being ironic, you can laugh at that.

Here’s what I imagine:
One, old, fat, white, suit wearing white guy sits at one end of long board room table. Next enters a young, in his 30s black man. Then he takes a seat. The two men begin discussing the situation at hand: picking a month for black history.
Black Guy: we’d like march.
White guy: not gonna happen.
BG: why not?
WG: the Irish have a better claim with st. Patrick’s and what not.
BG: oh makes sense. Our next choice will be July.
WG: no can do. That’s America’s month. Without July we’d have no way to give your people problems for our country’s first 200 years.
Bg: Fine. We can’t have July. How about January.
WG: no way man. We aren’t starting the year with you people.
Bg: what do you mean you people?
WG: never mind, how about October?
Bg: and be the month that has Halloween? What do you take us for?
WG: yeah you’re right I guess. Your people already scare suburban white women. Adding that with Halloween – not a good combination.
Bg: we would be okay with April.
WG: not gonna happen. That’s when our lord and savior Jesus Christ was resurrected. Let me take a few more months off the list for you: December – Jesus again, November – reserved for pilgrims and Indians, unless you’d be willing to be slaves again?
Bg: fuck no!
WG: that’s what we thought, we just wanted to give you that option. Now where was I…you cant have May because that’s when we honor our veterans – memorial day and what not. That leaves you three options: February, August, or September.
Bg: how about August. Ehh on second that’s too hot of a month. Actually, we want black history to be a topic to bombard the malleable minds of young school children with. To educate them about all the shitty things white people have done throughout American history.
WG: son of a bitch – you’re pretty smart.
Bg: why thank you.
WG: well we are down to 2. What’s your pick?
BG: we’ll take September.
WG: ohh sorry, we can’t let you have September. That month is for the victims of 9-11.
BG: are you kidding me? You think only white people died during 9-11??
WG: First off, white people never kid about 9-11. You’ve heard those shitty Alan Jackson and Toby Keith songs. Imagine us having to tell those guys that 9-11 will have to share the stage with Black History Month.
Bg: well fuck!
WG: well I guess you’ll have to take February.
Bg: what no?! We don’t want the shortest calendar month to represent us.
WG: I’m sorry but my hands are tied. That’s the only month we can give you.
Bg: fuck! Fine. We’ll take it.

Both men shake hands and leave through opposite doors.

And that’s how I envision the origin of Black History Month.

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What kind of….

I have some questions for the pro-ID folks out there. ID, of course means Intelligent Design. It is a “theory” but not in terms of actual science, it’s widely dismissed as science because it doesn’t submit its finding to peer review. It essentially says that the universe is far too complex not to have a grand designer. These ID folks don’t say it outright, but they obviously think that this designer is there Christian god. I would venture a guess that many science-rejecting Muslims must have an ID of their own, with Allah at the controls. Well I do have some questions for this intelligent designer.

1. What kind of designer would toy with the idea of black holes? Hawking: “So Einstein was wrong when he said, ‘God does not play dice.’ Consideration of black holes suggests, not only that God does play dice, but that he sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen.” Black holes are scary. Furthermore, why would intelligent designer put a super massive black hole at the center of a galaxy? (see the Milky Way).

2. What kind of designer would allow earth to have a moon that plays a massive role in the life sustaining climates we have here on earth and have that moon slowly moving further away from earth. I’ll give the designer points here, assuming in this case that a designer exists, because the moon is massively important in sustaining life. But, if you are a supreme creator of all the laws and rules of the universe you can keep the moon where it is. Yet in an actual world, with no evidence of a creator, our moon is slowly-very slowly moving away from earth. To try and briefly explain: the moon keeps the earth rotating on a nice 23 degrees axis. This supports our nice and neat seasons, but it the moon also doesn’t let the earth spin up to 90 degrees on its axis. We have seen this happen on Mars. So summing up point two: if you were an all powerful creator of the universe you should know better.

3. What kind of creator would design the human body the way it is? I have to ask this question because so many proponents of ID reject the solid evidence and scientific finding of evolution. This could be another topic, but let us assume those ID folks are right and the human being is a divinely manufactured and assembled product. What kind of creator would allow beings made in his image to have to breathe and swallow through one opening. This is the reason why we always have that possibility of choking. 2,800 Americans, mainly children, die each year from choking. This is not intelligent design. Need another example? I borrow from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “Down there between our legs, it’s like an entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system. Who designed that?”

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Clearing things up

About 8 months ago I put forward the things that I believed in. I mentioned deism, humanism, and being happy. Let me first be clear, I outrightly reject any and all organized religion. If I were to cling to a god, I certainly would not hold on to a personal one. I feel like a personal god would have to intervene in the things that cause sadness and despair in this world. That was why I valued deism 8 months ago. However, shortly after I wrote that post I re-reevaluated my thoughts on god. And I found that god is not needed whatsoever in this world. God has been a clever idea powerful people have used to enforce their own will.

More importantly, you don’t need god to have morality. Take this scenario for instance: Your god says that to show your love for him you have to kill your child. There is no hint that god is joking with you so if you claim to be a believer you would have to seriously consider this option. What would you do? I would hope your own moral code would bring you to a logical answer: Choosing not to kill your child. Yet, we see in the bible that Abraham was more than willing to kill his kid for god, for a voice in his head. I would now that you understand why I choose to not acknowledge your god.

I should mention now that, yes I am an atheist. It has been said many times that most people are 99.9% atheistic about all other gods but there own. What is the harm in not believing in 100%.

My problem with your religions is that you are constantly putting your nose in business where your faith is not needed. Faith, religion, and ID do not belong in the classroom. Atheists and the scientific community are not banging on Sunday School classes demanding that the teachers, “teach the controversy about ID”. We don’t do that.

We also don’t think that the burden of proof is on us. You religious people have to show us why we should pick one of the thousand religions out there. Yet you don’t. You use a flawed concept of faith to belittle the nonbeliever. You accuse us of not believing because we lack faith. You believers use faith as a substitute for evidence. Which is not helpful. In my opinion this is done because deep down you know the claims your religion makes are incompatible with the world. You know this, yet you cling to your faith. Well I don’t so do not blame me for not buying into your ancient, uneducated theories about how the world works.

I have more I’d like to talk about, but doing it all at once would make this blog pointless. So it’s time for me to go and I’ll leave you with my new life motto.

Be an atheist. Be a humanist. Be happy.

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