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Isn’t it great that…

The bible and Jesus himself give us the example of the Good Samaritan parable? A story that exudes everything that is good with humanity without the added corruption of religion on a person’s thoughts. Really looking at this story it was the religious-minded people that failed to act and support their fellow man. Yet, there was a person wondering down the road who chose to do what was selfless and help his fellow man.

Yet again, another reminder to you all that you can do good without god.


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Think about this

I won’t be here long today. I just have a simple question for anyone reading this.

If someone was born deaf what language does he or she think in?

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My god, don’t you get it?

We are not made in god’s image, we are made in the universe’s image. The elements within your own body are the most common elements within the universe. You are not made in god’s image, you are something even greater, you are the universe! The universe is within you! Don’t believe that you’re in god’s image, after all,
I truly believe that man has had the most impact on shaping that god that some of you perceive. I’ve been told to be careful, because some people may not share my train of thought. And that’s fine! However, don’t resign yourself to the minimal impact our “god” has created, just be yourself. After all, you are the stuff of the universe! Act like it!

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