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“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

After the events of September 21st 2011 I can safely assume that this quote is more and more true.

Some of you may have known who Troy Davis was. Some of you probably didn’t even think to care who he was (which is fine, I’m not trying to start a “I know more than you about national events” debate). The simple fact is that Troy Davis was wrongfully put to death — I prefer the term murdered — by the state of Georgia yesterday. In a case where 7 of the 9 witnesses recanted their statements and well over 19 years on death row there was no justice for Troy Anthony Davis.

Why is it that we are all so appalled and outraged when Casey Anthony gets off with probation, yet when an innocent man is put to death we hear so little from it? To put it this way..My Facebook newsfeed today was more concerned with the changes of the stupid layout than Troy Davis.

Maybe I’m mad at the wrong things. Maybe I should be mad at a “justice” system that failed to help a man who was innocent. Ultimately, maybe I should be mad at myself. I followed enough of this story to inform the people around me. I listen to a band, State Radio, who did all they could do to support Davis. Maybe I’m partly at fault for not educating those around me of what was happening.

It’s situations like this where I believe our famous athletes, actors, actresses, and ‘role models’ failed us. If someone like Justin Beiber tweeted once about Troy Davis more people would have known. How I miss the days when musicians gave a shit about the world around them (and I didn’t even get a chance to live through those days). It wasn’t terrible rap and shitty pop music that dominated the airwaves, it was passionate music from the most talented people in the country who cared about situations like this. Musicians who felt that the right thing to do would be to write a song and get this message out there, not how much money will my auto-tuned piece of shit song make this week.

Where was my generation’s Bob Dylan to write a protest song? Why is it that a band, State Radio, can sing about Davis yet no one really seems to listen.

I’m deeply saddened by the world I live in.


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