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Well here goes

It’ll probably be hard to read but I don’t care.

It was easy for me to say that I said the wrong things half way through this summer. My language and direction of those things were poorly placed. I learned a lot from that experience. Most of the things I learned I’m not going to mention here because they involve what I learned about others. But let me share with you one thing I did learn. The shirt you wear matters. The shirt I wore during that game has been washed and worn a couple more times since that game but there are a couple additions to that shirt. The people that matter to me have left their mark on that shirt. It makes it so much easier now to understand what that shirt means. It means there are people who’s only image of me is not the one I showed earlier this summer. That shirt, those kids, and those conversations made me realize I have to be careful. Just because other people may do things that bother me I’ll look better if I don’t say anything.


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I don’t have words, I have emotions. I don’t have the capacity to put the past 7 weeks into their proper place. I thought I was signed up to make a difference, but I have a bigger word, impact. I did not realize the impact I would have on so many people. This is certainly putting me in a humble state because I can’t use first person pronouns. We did this. It was us. Our camp. Our memories.

Camp Outer Limits has always been so much more to me than a day camp. It has been a home. It has been a place to create memories. I still remember certain skits, certain people, certain things.

Hearing so many memories of a brilliant summer was just what I needed tonight. However, what I will treasure the most is what I was able to share, what I was able to give to a camp that has given me so much for 14 years. Knowing that we created lasting memories this summer and that my camp will continue on makes me smile. And at the end of the day a smile is a pretty great thing to have.

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