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I found this from some site online…
“Tall and lanky, Whittington used to crack up his friends by flexing his muscles. During the warm-ups before every basketball game, Whittington would hike up his shorts, yank his socks up high and wear a headband to lighten the mood.”

And here’s the picture of Tyson and I.



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If I were to tell you the greatest times I experienced from my childhood I would start by telling you about all the fun times I had at Camp Outer Limits. From second grade to tenth grade I spent my summers at this day camp. I loved it so much that when I turned 16 I knew that’s where I wanted to work and where I will be working my sixth summer in a couple of months. But here’s the thing, the months leading up to summer camp were always so much more interesting to me, as a kid . I would constantly bother my mom with questions about the staff for the summer because she sometimes knew these things. “Who’s gonna be the director this year?”  ”Is ______ coming back?”  One of my favorite counselors in my Camp Outer Limits experience was a guy named Tyson. I got to be in his huddle and I wanted to make sure that he was coming back again, he was my favorite. However, sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want.  If I remember correctly my mom and Tyson’s mom were in a bible study class together and when I began to ask my mom the usual summer camp questions I asked about Tyson. All I remember next was crying. My mom had given my tough news before but nothing ever like this. My mom began to tell me about how Tyson was in a fatal car accident and had passed away – she was very careful not to say ‘died’.  The accident happened in August after summer camp was over but I had no idea until my round of camp questioning came up the next April.   There wasn’t anything I wanted to do except cry and hug my mom, so I did.  My mom did however have something for me. Tyson’s mom had found a picture of him and I. My mom let me have the photo and it is one of my most treasured possessions to this day.  I sometimes take a moment to reflect on the impact I am now having as a  Y counselor and it is quite a humbling thought. It has taught me that you only need a short amount of time to make an impact on someone’s life that will stay with that person for a very long time. So make that impact a positive one.

Tyson Whittington: June 5th, 1983 – August 14, 2001


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As a guy if I were to tell you that I’d rather be with you than my biggest female celebrity crush I’m lying to you. I thought this statement would get me somewhere with you but in all honesty if given the opportunity to be with say Marisa Miller, girl I would leave you in a nano-second. I guess this is why girls may not like us guys. But I will say this for us: We are the most brutally honest all the while lying through our teeth assholes this planet has ever produced. Try and prove that point wrong

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It probably means I have yet to post it here.

I have a problem with “Bus PDA’s”. It’s quite possibly the grossest things my two eyes have seen in their 21 years of sight. To make it worse? The couple performing ( because that’s what they are doing, acting for us other bus riders this awful play where we all wish the bus would crash and burn creating the most fiery and painful death imaginable) where was I? Oh yeah it’s fucking gross. Oh I was going to tell you how it gets worse. This couple are not even attractive. It’s just a couple of fuglies poking, pinching, pushing, kissing, and touching each other. For god’s sake (who I’m now assuming wishes he didn’t have the ability to see all things) refrain from these activities and continue them under the following conditions: 1. You both are home and the blinds, drapes, etc are closed. 2. You wait until the bus is doing the drunk bus route and you’ll both fit right in. But just for my sake and the sake of others JUST STOP

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If you don’t like Mondays quit your job. Then every day will be the weekend. I’m sick of people whining and complaining about how Mondays are the worst. If what Genesis says about creation happens to be true then Monday (the first day of the week as I see it) should be respected more. It was on the first day that god said let there be light. On a Monday god separated the light from the dark. Think about that for a second. There was nothing on the ‘day’s’ if you can call them that before the first Monday. Which means the weekend was pretty dark and pretty shitty. But back to my central thesis…if you don’t like mondays quit your job. If Mondays are that much of a burden then surely the people who want your money for bills will understand. Just explain to them that you hated Mondays so much that you had to give them up. And in another semi-biblical note. If I’m wrong and monday is not the first day of the week then shouldn’t even be pissed off at Sunday for starting the week? Or has the hate for Mondays gotten to the point where there is no way for its honor to be protected.

Finally, ENJOY YOUR FUCKING MONDAY. It only happens once a week so don’t make it negative

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Every step in life should be one that moves you forward – never backward.

Every bruise acquired along the way is a gentle, yet sometimes painful, reminder that trying something different the next time may yield better results.

Every scar, hopefully not that many, will serve to remind me that there are things in the world that can leave a permeant mark. And caution is always an appropriate course of action.

Every day should be spent learning, laughing, and lifting others up.

Every smile should be genuine, never forced. What good is fake happiness?

Every day should be spent listening to good music – whatever your definition is, I know what mine is. But more importantly, listen to those around you. Their thoughts and words can mean a great deal provided our ears are accepting of what they have to say

I’ll think of more whenever inspiration strikes me next

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There are jobs that are awesome yet terrible for certain reasons.

A screenwriter..why? Because people only quote the character not you. A screenwriter puts his or her heart and soul into a script that becomes a movie that idiotic teenagers will only quote from the characters in them. Movie studios and others around the screenwriter tend to strip away the writer’s creative control.

That’s all I got for now.

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