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The difference between good and god

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite American writers. He said things in such simple ways that made it seem as if he was the first to have that thought, but he wasn’t he simply knew how to introduce better wording to that common thought.

I could not pick a favorite Vonnegut quote but I really like this one: “if what Jesus said was good, what does it matter if he was god?” Kurt was a humanist who many called an atheist. He tells us that he wasn’t an atheist, just someone who felt that our lives should be dedicated to doing good things because they are good not because a religious text suggests that behavior. He also felt that religion would not always be the right answer simply because it had institutions to protect.

Anyways, good and god. One o separates these two words. Is that on purpose? I can’t answer that but I would like to suggest that god is a smaller word for a reason. God is a simple answer that the vast majority of people seek out. I at this moment I am leaning toward a deist view of divine beings. God provides the shortest way to answer the questions you may have.

Don’t be god.

But I implore you to go one letter deeper. Be good. Don’t focus on finding god because, after all, god is in good. Do the good things everyday. It will make you into a better person. If religion is your path to doing good then do it. I only want people to seek the things that are good in this world. Don’t spend your time hurting or abusing this world – this is no profit to be found in that.

Be good.

Have a great day (to the __ number of readers who actually read this)


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I hate the formal differences that these different blog sites represent. This seems so formal even though I’m drafting this from my phone. My wordpress has suffered the most from my recent ventures into tumblr. I feel I never gave this blog a chance to develop into what it could have been..which is a place for the longer nonsense that exists in my mind. I say I will try to update this more often but that’s just not true. I make no effort to put things here but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you wordpress. I’m in line to get my paper back. Queue up that ominous music…

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the real reason why so many people these days are steeler fans. the answer came to me from a tumblr post this morning and it all makes sense.  and i now realize there is no need to place blame on those riding the steeler bandwagon, for i have discovered hidden meaning of being a bandwagon steeler fan and being an american…

it all starts with the worst thing that one could call a god fearing, jesus loving, tax paying american citizen: a socialist.  of all the things this type of american can be called you will never catch him or her embracing or accepting socialism in any way, despite the benefits it has brought to some european countries.  So when I began to think about the increase of numbers on the steeler bandwagon this winter i realized it had nothing to do with typical bandwagon reasons but everything to do with what it means to be a good american.  This superbowl has made it even easier for the lines to be drawn in such a way that demarcates the battle between socialism and capitalism in america.  The answer lies with the green bay packers.  The packers are a team that is completely opposed to the traditional capitalistic views of american business.  The packers are owned by the citizens of green bay.  Green Bay in this small way represents the thing my god fearing, capitalism loving citizens from above won’t stand for.  The presence of the packers alone in the superbowl is forcing football to pull for the steelers.  After all these fans love their country and won’t be permitted to cheer for a team that is run by the citizens, this is far too radical of a concept

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