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Defying logic

I’ve been told by a professor of mine that with everything you write it should be for someone other than yourself. And if we keep that line of thinking this blog doesn’t make sense. I cant think of anyone who reads the things I post here and what I post has no benefit for myself. Yet here I am writing words on a blog no one reads. I can tell you that ive been lying when I said I would be committed to this blog. True is, I lie, a lot. Byee


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I was listening to the radio this morning and heard something that disturbed me. I’ll paraphrase for the sake of me not being able to quote it being as I was in my car.

The caller said that the lives lost in in Arizona should not be of concern because they were a part of god’s plan and were at the right time.

I would love for this guy to tell the 9 year girl’s parents that was murdered that it was the right time. Ughhh she was 9 years old. This man’s logic is the main reason why I’m lacking a religious faith at this moment in my life. There is no logical explanation that I will hear that explains why a 9 year old’s senseless murder is a part of god’s plan. And if I were to consider that as the plan of a divine being I would simply not accept it. And no person should.

Senseless murders should NEVER be a part of god’s plan..yet according to those who have faith it is. Bizarre

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hello blog

I seen to have forgotten about you. and for that im wicked sorry. netflix, showtime shows, tumblr, and other things have kept me from you and im again wicked sorry. the process of putting my thoughts out through this medium will get better over time – no worries

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