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I am taking a slight break from the story in blog form I’m working on for this story of why I’m out of touch with the christmas season….

I believe the christmas season is about good cheer and in some way integrity. And I encountered the opposite of this at my summer camp Christmas party last night. It is also the reason why I think gift cards are the worst gift one can receive.

We were doing the exchange game and I ended up with a target gift card with what I thought was ten dollars on it. So after the party David and I head to target to spend our gift cards. I find a pack of purple argyle socks and head toward the register. I take out my gift card to pay and find out it has 3.53 on it. SOMEONE decided to bring in a used gift card to a christmas party. How beat up is that? A used gift card?!

This small story outlines my disillusion with christmas this year: Oh well


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I havent forgot about you

My commitment to wordpress is being tested but once I get some free time after finals I plan to write more on this site. I’m looking forward to exploring the creativity that is hidden within my mind, which is one of the most rewarding things a human can do (another thing of course is to read).

Again, I will have posts yes that’s posts with an s, up soon.

If anyone who takes the time to read this I’m humbled and flattered that you’d take time out of your day to read my musings. But mostly I do this for me anything anyone says or attributes to this blog is just dandy.

Let the haters hate.


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The title of this post is the name I gave the Harry Potter tale that was enacted by the last child at after school today, my boss Kevin (his blog by the way: http://kpkelly83-hitemwheretheyaint.blogspot.com/ ) and myself.  The story itself lasted over forty-five minutes and became a ridiciolus story that J K Rowling should be aware of and this is my modest attempt at recreating the magic (see what I did there?)  It started when Kevin and I started talking in British accents to which the kid said we sounded like Harry Potter and it took off from there.


*the following recreation is my best attempt to put the story we made up into words and as coherently as possible*


The basic plot of Harry Potter and the Three Girlfriends revolves around Harry’s attempt to get and manage three different girlfriends.  Even for a wizard this is not an easy task.  The first girlfriend that Harry has is Hermione Granger (keep in mind this is the kid’s version of the Harry Potter fiction not mine as at times the novels story lines and characters may interact in ways Rowling never intended or imagined) So Harry (played by the kid) is goin’ steady with Hermione and needs Ron (played by me) to talk to Moaning Myrtle (also played by me) to become Harry’s second girlfriend.  At first Myrtle does not like the idea that she has to be girlfriend number two and asks Ron if he can talk to Harry about making her girl number one.  Ron then talks to Harry and makes it clear that Myrtle wants to be girl number one or there is no deal.  Harry has no problem with this and agrees.  Harry’s suggestion (and when I mention characters names it really means the idea came from who was playing that character) is that the two should go on a date.  Ron goes to Hagrid’s (played by Kevin) hut to wait to see how the conversation goes between Myrtle and Harry.  It goes well.  Myrtle mentions that she likes doing three things on dates: playing checkers, drinking hot coffee, and reading the New York times.  Harry suddenly changes his mind about Myrtle and accuses him of writing letters to trick Ginny and opening the Chamber of Secrets.  Myrtle breaks down.  She admits that she did in fact on the chamber only because she heard it had older copies of the New York Times she had no read, she realized this was not true and there was only an abundance of People magazines laying around.  Harry then storms out on Myrtle leaving her in the bathroom for Hagrid’s hut.  Harry talks to Hagrid about having multiple girlfriends until there is a knock at the door.  Harry and Ron are told to hide under the invisibility cloak.  Ron (played by Josh) does not think he is invisible because he can see Harry and then realizes they are both under the cloak.  Hagrid does his best to get rid of the stranger at the door, however Ron is cracking under the cloak.  He is desperately hungry and his stomach is growling.  Hagrid is able to get the person to leave and calls out Ron for almost getting them caught.  Ron is sorry.  Harry has already moved on.  He tells Ron it is his bedtime; 6:00.  Ron gets into an argument with Harry over bedtime because he will miss his favorite show, Wheel of Fortune.  Harry says his bedtime can be ten if he goes back with him to talk to Myrtle.  He agrees.  The two talk to Myrtle about why she likes checkers and out of nowhere the school year is over! (The person picking the kid up finally showed up at 7:15) Harry doesn’t want the story to end, Ron promises they will finish it tomorrow.  Harry pleads with Ron not to go, but Ron tells Harry that he has to stay at Hogwarts because he has summer school (Ron is not the smartest student and being Harry’s wingman for the entire school year did serious damage to his g.p.a) Harry says goodbye to Ron and Hagrid.  Of course the story is unfinished – we do not know who Harry wanted as his third girlfriend.

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