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It’s A Rap: Volume III

Artist: Kanye West
Song: Runaway
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Lyric: she find pictures in my email, I sent this bitch a picture of my dick, I don’t know what is with females, but I’m not too good at that shit.

Analysis: Kanye, Kanye, Kanye where do I even begin with this one… It’s not a lyric that is so over the top it needs to be called out for it’s silliness yet this lyric is beyond anything I could ever have imagined and I’m certainly glad I get to break it down. First off the song runaway is brilliant, one of my favorites on Kanye’s new album. On to the words…

Okay it’s apparent Kanye has a girl because she is the one looking through his email, which leads me to this point. Sign out of your accounts on your computer if you don’t want a girl to be snooping on your emails or any other website you stay logged in on. Now I don’t intend to understand why Kanye sent the email but I can imagine what it might have looked like…

The female would of course be shocked by this email and would shortly wonder why it wasn’t sent to her spam folder. Regardless she gets the email and from Kanye’s next line we know she didn’t respond well (I’m not a woman but I’d imagine that would be a typical response to say the least).

My simple advice for Kanye in the future (keep in mind that I have probably less experience with woman than him) don’t under any circumstances send bitches pictures of your dick. If Brett Favre can’t make it work then I won’t work.

Let the haters hate



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shift in focus

I was recently convinced – yesterday that is by two friends of mine to join the world of tumblr.  I know what youre thinking (for the less than 3 of you that actually read this) he’s gonna do all his posting on tumblr and i dont have that link ( ithinkthatsfunny.tumblr.com ) {follow me by the way} anyways that’s not entirely true…

What I now plan to do is spend less but more meaningful time on this blog and reserve the smaller moments to tumblr.

From here on out on Searching For Humor I will be writing longer more engaged posts about things that are funny but you the reader will have to invest the time in each post as they will not be short, sweet, and to the point like many posts were before.  I will still be offering variety in my posts: sharing music that’s on my mind, funny videos I’ve recently seen, the ‘It’s a rap’ series will remain, and expect new reoccurring series that give me a chance to showcase the humor that is all around in this world.

I’d love to here thoughts, comments, questions, and even concerns from my very small reading base about this shift toward more serious humor blogging.

As always… let the haters hate



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thursday my friend Scott showed me a brilliant show. he described it to me in three words: alcohol, sex, and football. So i thought okay this could be an awesome show. to prove it I got some quotes…things that i think are funny.

  • where do we come from? From our fathers balls! Champions know they came from our father’s balls
  • once upon a time, some weak pathetic pussy coined the phrase “winning isn’t everything”. For most people in most situations, he was right. But I’m not one of those people and this is not one of those situations
  • your girlfriend sucks. she introduces you to accounting majors and then gives you shit for drinking a beer?
  • there is no way that girl is a virgin. virgins don’t go to state college, man. Wake the fuck up.
  • never date the strippers, you don’t take the painting from the museums.
  • did you guys tape your boners up or down? down. you should try it.
  • the sight of your awesome boobs disgusts me.
  • in the name of the father, mother, and both their sons.
  • rule number one in a duel: bring your own gun

I watch this show on netflix so I can’t tell you what time it comes on in the real world but check it out if you can.

Oh and the name of that show is Blue Mountain State.

Let the haters hate.


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as a follow up to that last post I figured I’d share some pretty awesome versions of the MGMT song ‘Kids’

First off the original..

Now a very cool version by Dr. Fox’s Old Timey String Band

Next up Weezer with the addition of Bad Romance

Taking the Kanye West sample approach I give you Chiddy Bang, “Opposite of Adults”

The Kooks had a go at it

Ben Lee with a fun version

B.O.B aka Bobby Ray has a version

Cage the Elephant..please to enjoy

–If you don’t get it by now I really really really like this song–

let the haters hate


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what the fuck happened



I state the title of this post not in the form of a question for a very specific reason.  If I asked it as a question there would be a logical place in this post for that question to be answered.  But I do not have the answer and using that phrase as a statement of fact is so much easier.  As much as I will admit to loving to ask questions I can’t answer that one.  Moving on from that as fast as we can….

I was a kid once and I like to think I still am at heart.  But now I feel overwhelmed by all these responsibilities that the average 20 and 9 month old should not have.  I do feel that there is some sort of purpose or plan for everything that is happening but I hate that I don’t seem to be in control of that process.

I was a kid once.  I played on playgrounds.  I made a mess of the living room by exploding a vacuum with the help of my younger sister and getting into lots of trouble for that.  I once brought the sports illustrated swimsuit issue to YMCA after school and got into lots of trouble for that.  I once purposely pinched myself and made myself cry to get my sister in trouble on the way home from our grandparents house.  Again I stress pinched myself on purpose.  I once ditched afternoon assembly at Camp O in middle school to hang out with my two friends who went to Upward Bound.  My ride was called, the counselors were telling my mom what I did wrong, but that time I didn’t get in trouble.  I once pregamed for a corn maze (email me directly for that story: roysboy23@gmail.com )

I’ve done a lot of things that I can regret or feel bad about but that’s not the point of the human experience.  The way I see the human experience is learning what made you a a happy go lucky little kid while balancing the duties of an older member of society.  It always helps to look back at where you were and to never wonder, “what the fuck happened?” — I did mean it in question form this time.  That is the question we should never ask because it will keep you on a search for an answer that may not exist.

I’ve rambled for far too long.. here’s a picture of me with a train.

Let the haters hate



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Monday Night Football is Dirty

So I was watching the last of the Eagles and Redskins play on Monday Night Football when a commercial comes on that makes me really question the NFL’s image toward the key 18-35 demographic (or whatever the exact numbers are).

So here’s the deal. The NFL has some curious sponsors for this age group in particular: cailis. I mean how many in this age group need such a drug? When you really get down to it the NFL should not allow these companies to advertise it only makes viewers get the creeps. Imagine this scenario. Youre watching the game with your dad and the cialis commercial comes on. The structure of this ad is awkward as hell giving you no option to avoid eye contact with your dad while the ad plays. It makes you not think of football but rather how much you’d rather not watch football ever again. Is that the message the NFL wants to send to its viewers. I think no. Roger Goodall needs to take swift action like he’s done with the helmet to helmet hits and ban these companies from buying ad time.

Also a phrase from the cialis commercial. “ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough for sex”. Which begs the question how unhealthy do you have to be for sex?

Let the haters hate – new sign off line perhaps?


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shopping carts

Okay so there seems to be some law that controls the universe when things aren’t going your way and it goes down to all of the small things not seeming to go your way.  My example: Shopping Carts.

You never think that the shopping cart you are going to pull is the one with the retarded wheel that hinders your shopping experience.  So of course this happens to me when I went out to the store to pick up dog food and other essential items.  I cannot begin to describe how much I hate it when this happens.  The cart ruins everything about your shopping experience.  It takes twice as long because you have to put up with a shitty cart.  Do grocery stores take inventory and get rid of these broken carts? Probably not is my answer.

Also I know what you’re thinking..”what a shitty blog post.” and you’re right this is not my best work and for that I’m sorry.  Have a blessed start to your week.



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